Detailed drumsample library of a custom drumkit

TBerger Custom Drumkit Samples

    • 1 Kick, 6 Toms, 2 Snares, all multimic TCIs with around 1500 samples combined for everything (1200 samples just for the bubinga set) Oneshots for all (incl. wavs.)
    • TBerger Drumset (Bubinga) handmade in Austria
    • 1200 Samples recorded
    • All Instruments have 3 direct Mics + OH + Room
    • Kick 22×18 TCI (Audix D4, D6 and SM7b)
    • Tom 10×7 TCI (Audix D2, D6 and i5)
    • Tom 12×8 TCI (Audix D4, D6 and i5)
    • Tom 16×14 TCI (Audix D4, D6 and i5)
    • Extra: RT Customs Snare TCI 14×7 (Star Wars Theme/ SM57, SM7B (bottom) and Audix i5)
    • OneShots with additional processing by Downforce Recordings
    • Extra : TCIs from a DW PDP Set incl 3 Mics and Oneshots with additional processing
    • Steven Slate Trigger 2 is required to use the multisample TCIs!